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Senior Cloud Engineer

You have an unquenchable thirst for shaping technology landscape for Australian businesses; You are a leader who can get clients and their fellow team members excited and on-boarded to a journey towards success.

You will possess a natural ability to influence and present across business and technical teams, pulling together meaningful transformational outcomes. Demonstrate perseverance and resilience required to deal with influences and blockers that come from dealing with both small and large enterprise


  • DevOps & Cloud evangelist - automation and code is what you do
  • Experienced systems wrangler for *nix
  • You want to use your experience in environments that follow DevOps principles
  • Have good working knowledge of, and experience in using configuration automation tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Packer, Vagrant
  • Collect logs and metrics, build dashboards, and monitor using Fluentd, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Splunk, Prometheus, Grafana
  • Excited about containers, container orchestration, and service meshes with ECS, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Istio, linkerd
  • Automated lots of ‘things’ using the right tools and languages be it Python, Ruby, Bash, Powershell
  • You do this all the time in code and within AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure or any other cloud providers
  • With a mature approach, you worked collaboratively with others as the situation dictates
  • Always maintain your passion for quality, process improvement, and customer satisfaction
  • You must have the right to live and work in Australia


  • Have a Github account and are comfortable contributing back to open source
  • Have a deep understanding of OSI model’s top host layers (Application, Presentation, Session, Transport)
  • Know how to find your way through RFC’s such as HTTP, HTTP2, TLS, DNS
  • Passionate about distributed applications
  • Always on top of trending technology and methodologies such as Serverless, gRPC, and predictive monitoring
  • Can keep data forever using SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Experienced with Cloud Technologies and offerings (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Experienced with Agile, ITIL, security, audit, compliance

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