Software Engineer - Cloud Soutions GCP AWS

About the role

We are seeking candidates with strong Software Engineering skills to join our team, where you will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the best DevOps and Cloud experts in Melbourne, and to work on critical Cloud transformation projects across several of Australia’s leading Enterprises and SMEs.

Utilising your current software engineering skills, you will be building Cloud solutions for clients to enable product teams to launch to market more effectively; optimise Cloud built systems for performance, security, and reliability; Improve end-to-end CI/CD and automation capabilities. In short you will develop solutions for clients that enable them to empower their businesses to deliver world leading web based and enterprise products.

Skills required

  • Code languages such as Python, Golang, Typescript or JavaScript
  • Understanding of the fundamentals of secure programming
  • Developing for serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda, Cloud Functions (GCP) and/or Azure Functions
  • Code dependency and Configuration Management build and tooling
  • Understanding the importance of the development lifecycle and working within the supporting frameworks (e.g. TDD, BDD, Agile – the original one!)
  • Familiarity with API and database technologies such as GRPC, REST (OpenAPI), GraphQL, RDBMS and NoSQL
  • Understanding of coding design, including know-how of OOP, event driven and functional programming models

Why you want to join the Innablr team

Joining Innablr will see you gain hands on expertise with container orchestration platforms like Docker, Kubernetes, ECS or others and develop strong DevOps automation experience including setup and configuration of CI/CD pipelines and surrounding ecosystem, while working with multi cloud solutions in AWS and GCP.

Innablr consultants are all active learners who are always looking to identify better ways to deliver impact for our clients. Our professional and personal development ranges from cutting-edge technologies and vendor certifications through to beer brewing and public speaking with Toastmasters.

Innablr offers solutions that our competitors cannot and we’re always looking for great consultants to join the team as we continue to innovate. Apply online and we will arrange a time to speak about the work we do and what you are looking for in your next role.

Join us!

If you are thinking of a career move and would like to know more, please apply online and we will be in touch to find out more about you.

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